YouTube Link ASL Nice to meet you!

Numbers 0-12 

YouTube Link ASL numbers 0-20

Numbers 13-20

YouTube Link ASL numbers 0-30


YouTube Link 1 ASL colors

ASL Meredith colors

YouTube Link 2 ASL colors

ASL Nook - Colors in ASL

Furniture (part 1)

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ASL Meredith Basic Furnitures

Days of the week

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ASL Meredith How to sign Days of the week

YouTube Link 2

ASL mit THAT - Days of the Week

Breakfast and On the pizza


Penny's  ice-cream - Dialog

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 Fruit signs

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 ASL Baby! Fruits.


Handout und Stationsarbeit und Spiel

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ASL Nook - Human body in ASL

YouTube Link 2

  SouthDakotaSchoolForTheDeaf  - Body parts 

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Link 1 - ASL Nook - weather
Link 2 - ASL Meredith How to sign .. weather 

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ASL storytelling: Spring Weather Walk

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Weather  report on ABC


Ginger's Family

Family - Dialog

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Link 1  ASL Family members
Link 2  ASL Family signs

Animals in the zoo

Animals in Canada

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Link 1         ASL            Dear Zoo
Link 2    Lautsprache  Dear Zoo

Month and season

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ASL Nook Calendar

Vehicle - transport

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ASL Connect Transportation


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ASL Nook Clothes

Animals on the farm

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Link 1 ASL - Foundation for Lit - Old Mc Donald
Link2 ASL - 4kids - Old Mc Dolnald has a farm